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February 17 at Santa Anita


R3 Racing LLC, Calara Farms and Steve Rothblum

February 17 at Santa Anita (REPLAY)

Mantaray Island

Charles Bartlett

February 16 at Santa Anita

Prodigal Son (REPLAY)

Reddam Racing LLC

February 15 at Santa Anita


C T R Stables LLC (Calvert),, Wonderland Racing Stables, Phil Friedman, and Maurice Galliand

February 10 at Santa Anita

Stubbins (REPLAY)

McShane Racing, LLC

February 9 at Santa Anita

Settle It (REPLAY)

Reddam Racing LLC

February 3 at Santa Anita

I Am the Danger (REPLAY)

R3 Racing LLC, Leo Rodriguez, Terri Tucker and Westside Racing Stable

Shes All Woman (REPLAY)

Sayjay Racing LLC

Bizwhacks (REPLAY)

Reddam Racing LLC


January 27 at Santa Anita

Don't Stalk Me

Sheila Bambauer, Jim King, Mark Rose and Steve Rothblum


January 20 at Santa Anita

Thin Line (REPLAY)

Greg Hall and SAYJAY Racing, LLC




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